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Why I Became An Escort

This is a question many people feel curious about, there are many misconceptions, social prejudices, and simplistic answers out there.

I consider myself a regular girl, I like hanging with my friends, visiting my parents once a month, shopping, going to the gym… and being an escort has never interfered with those things.

I didn’t have a bad childhood, I was loved and a very happy child. I loved studying, I actually have a degree. I have high self-esteem, I have never had deep monetary issues, nor have I ever felt pushed to do this.

Those are the usual ideas people have when they think about beautiful girls becoming escorts; I can’t speak for every single escort in London, but I know enough of them to know they are escorts because they want to, and because they, like me, really enjoy it.

I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I have a gorgeous body, and I was also blessed with a fascinating and clever personality. And that’s something men love.

London Escorts

The thing is, when you are a young, smart, and beautiful girl, people often expect you to get married, have children, and become one more in-house mother, always ready to be there for the man and the kids.

I respect women who prefer that kind of life, but that’s exactly what I do not wish to do. I want to enjoy my youth, and I enjoy male companionship. Having different clients allows me to be a different kind of girl depending on what they are looking for, an experience I would never have had if I were married.

This is a job that not only allows me to learn how men are in different aspects, but it also teaches to appreciate the beauty in variety. Not every man I have been with has a perfect body nor are the most talkative individuals, but I can guarantee you I got to see the spark in them, and that’s something that fascinates me.

I manage my time and encounters the way I want, I am not pushed to do anything I do not agree to do, and I get to go back home knowing I am a free woman with a satisfied sexual appetite.

Do I plan to be an escort for the rest of my life? Probably not, I understand that physical beauty does not last forever, but in the mid time, there is no other job that would let me have the kind of life I deserve.

And to be honest, I am not ready to stop meeting and pleasuring men. I take my job very seriously, and love it enough to appreciate how important and satisfying it is to see a man straight to the eye and notice that fulfillment glow after an encounter.

Whether they are looking for a domination night, a hug, a dinner companion, or perhaps a girlfriend experience, I am here for them in the same way their compensation has been here for me all this time.